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Holiday Entertaining: How to Feed Vegetarians and Vegans

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and that means food, family, friends, food, food and more food. If you’re entertaining someone who is vegetarian or vegan, check out my guide to feeding them in my latest column over at Food Bloggers of Canada. Have a great weekend!  

Confessions of a Health Extremist: An Update on Healing Crohn’s Disease

When I was a toddler, an older playmate proudly showed me her underwear drawer. Inflamed with jealousy, I came home in tears. “Tara has pretty underwear with flowers!” I howled to my mother. “Why can’t I have them, too?” “Because you wear diapers,” she explained. “She has big girl underwear. If you want underwear with […]

Maple Vanilla No-Bake Granola Bars

It only takes seven ingredients to pull together a batch of these delicious no-bake bars. They’re high in protein, packed with whole-grain fibre and healthy saturated fats, and they’re naturally sweetened. Head on over to the Genuine Health sports nutrition website for the recipe! ‘Cause while I’m athletically challenged, I can still use protein powder […]

Five Easy Gluten-Free Flatbread Recipes

Plenty of folks who go gluten-free spend ages pining for bread. They stare longingly through bakery shop windows at golden, crusty loaves. They buy every gluten-free bread on the market, only to wind up disappointed and many dollars poorer. They meander around the kitchen in the morning, wondering what to eat if toast isn’t on […]