Gluten-Free Dumplings

Like most good Jewish children, I loved my chicken soup with matzo balls. I could eat several bowls at a time and often preferred it to the courses that came afterward.

Of course, I haven’t eaten chicken soup in a long time and now I can’t have the gluten in matzo meal, either. Which is why this recipe was such a lovely surprise – I was overjoyed to discover the dumplings tasted exactly like matzo balls!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought of dumplings as little morsels packed with filling. While dumplings can be stuffed, technically they can also be simple mounds of steamed dough. Like matzo balls.

These dumplings were incredibly irresistible. Soft, light, with a melt-in-your-mouth creaminess, they’re a comforting addition to your soups or stews. I ate about half the batch before I even added them to my vegetable soup.

My only grievance is I found them a little salty, which is easy enough to fix. What’s more complicated is figuring out how to make them vegan, since my husband is intolerant of eggs and I’m not supposed to be eating them at the moment, either.

Could I use egg replacer powder here, or would that ruin the flavour? Any ideas?

Visit Healthy Gourmet for the full recipe.

(I used a mix of brown rice flour and garfava flour, and subbed tapioca flour for the grapeskin flour in the original recipe.)



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