Apple Bread

I love quick breads that are easy to throw together! And this is such a lovely little loaf. It’s soft, moist, aromatic and will make your home smell completely luscious, like one of those yummy fall-scented candles or essential oil plug-ins.

The original recipe used melted coconut oil, which I rarely have on hand so I substituted grapeseed oil instead. I’m sure that changed the taste, but this was so delicious I don’t think I’d try the coconut oil next time. I also lowered the amount of sugar to ¾ cup and I’ll probably reduce it further to ½ cup in the future, as the apples added enough sweetness.

You can slice this nice and thick and eat it on its own, or toast it lightly and enjoy with a smear of jam or butter.

Visit She Let Them Eat Cake for the full recipe.

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