Free Online Digestive Summit


There’s a free online summit beginning next week called Heal Your Crohn’s.

I recently posted about the latest happenings in my journey to heal Crohn’s disease. I was interviewed for this summit, which runs from December 8-12. During my session I share my struggles, but also talk about:

  • the events leading up to my diagnosis
  • what prompted my enormous diet and lifestyle changes
  • what triggers flare-ups and how I handle them
  • my favourite gut-healing foods
  • my regular lifestyle practices that help me deal with physical and emotional stress
  • plus, I have a free special gift for summit listeners

Heal Your Crohn’s has an incredible panel of experts who cover a broad range of topics, including my favourite digestive teachers Meghan Telpner and Josh Gitalis.

Click here to register for this amazing online summit. I’m not getting paid to promote this; I simply think there will be a lot of meaningful and inspiring content that can help people who are dealing with Crohn’s disease.

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