A Guide to Understanding Fats: Myths and Reality

Gluten-Free, Vegan Avocado Toast

Let’s face it: nutrition advice can be confusing. One area that’s rife with misinformation is fat. I’m sure many of us remember the low-fat craze, where we ate low-calorie cookies (Snackwells anyone?) and low-fat yogurt and egg whites and were absolutely terrified of fat grams. We’ve spent more than half a century fearing fat and believing it worsens our health, when in fact it does the opposite — and recent research indicates that most of what we thought was true about fats is wrong.

The good news is fat is good for us! When armed with information, we can begin to make nutritious fat choices that can support our health and wellbeing.

In my latest column for Food Bloggers of Canada, I discuss:

  • What fats do
  • The different types of fats
  • Fatty myths
  • How fats can support or harm our health

Hop on over and check it out


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