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Quick Kale and Broccoli Bowl

I love gourmet plant-based fare as much as the next health-loving, nutrition-focused foodie. People always tell the husband how lucky he is to be married to a nutritionist who adores experimenting in the kitchen. And while it’s true I love creating new and inventive dishes, the way I eat most of the time is dead […]

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Tahini Granola

Tahini usually gets the short end of the stick, doesn’t it? We blend it into dips, sauces and spreads, eager to disguise its nutty, earthy taste with other flavours. Poor tahini. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Until now. In this very more-ish granola, tahini has the opportunity to take centre stage. It doesn’t overpower, […]

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Vegan Mango Lassi

A short while ago, I attended a strange yoga class. Limbs were flying. Breath was quick and heated. The music was spunky. I could certainly see why other people were enjoying themselves, but it wasn’t the gentle, soothing flow I needed and it made me grumpy. To top it all off, when the class was […]

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Chocolate Granola

A significant portion of this granola was intercepted by my belly on its way to the storage jar. It all started with the decadent, heavenly aroma that permeated the house. Then I began gingerly breaking off small chunks to nibble on as the granola cooled. Before I knew it, I couldn’t stop grabbing for more. […]

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A Simple Green Smoothie

I hate to sound like a broken record, but salads are not my favourite thing. If you twist my arm I’ll admit they’re growing on me, though they still remain a few rungs above extreme distaste in my hierarchy. So when I discovered last year that green smoothies were to become my staple breakfast during […]

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Spicy Cinnamon Superfood Hot Chocolate

Everyone wants to peek inside a nutritionist’s kitchen, right? Don’t deny it. We have an innate curiosity about how the healthy folks live and want to know their secrets so we can copy them. I spent the last three months working for a gal who cured herself of Crohn’s disease, and I was as eager […]

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Coconut Buckwheat Porridge

Most of my readers know that this blog is all about my adaptations or imitations of droolworthy recipes. As I’ve been interning in a cooking school where recipes are creative, fluid and spontaneous, my experimental side has emerged and I’m beginning to play with building recipes from scratch. The result? Amazingness! So head on over […]

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Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Each morning, I faithfully drink a green smoothie. It’s not a chore to me like it was when I began the raw food challenge. I truly enjoy greens in my smoothies – it’s reassuring for me to start off my day with a nutrient-packed punch. Still, every so often I treat myself to something different […]

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Buckwheat and Oats Waffles

I haven’t made waffles in years. It’s difficult to find a recipe that has no gluten, dairy, eggs or soy. Though I have no problem with eggs or soy, the husband does. And I’m not about to make an entire batch of waffles for myself while he gazes at them with longing. These waffles were […]

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Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal

Who likes the idea of eating nutritious cookie dough for breakfast? Um, me. Obviously. I know you’re thinking that ‘cookie dough’ and ‘healthy’ are contradictory terms that can’t be used next to one another, but it’s true. This baked oatmeal is low in calories, high in protein and it’s a good source of fibre. It […]

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