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How to Save Cash on a Gluten-Free Diet

There are still spots left in my free Gluten-Free Eating on a Budget workshop this Saturday. Sign up to reserve your spot. I frequently hear people complaining that gluten-free diets are extremely expensive. And sure, there is certainly research to back up that claim. In 2008, Canadian researchers compared 56 gluten-free products to their wheaty […]

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Healing Crohn’s Disease Ain’t Easy, plus a recipe for Broccoli Lemongrass Soup

It’s time for another update on my journey to heal myself naturally from Crohn’s disease. For a quick catch up, check out this post and this post. I debated sharing this post with you today because I felt embarrassed and ashamed. But as Brené Brown points out in The Gifts of Imperfection, shame thrives in […]

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Gluten-Free Noodle Alternatives (that aren’t brown rice pasta)

Who doesn’t love noodles? No one. Trouble is, noodles are often extremely refined and stripped of nutrients, especially when we compare them to their whole-grain counterparts. Also, when we fill ourselves up with carb-y noodles, we have less room for the nutrient dense stuff. These gluten-free noodle alternatives offer you the noodle-y comfort and texture […]

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How to Choose a CSA Program

Once upon a time, I was a staunch precision cook who experienced extreme terror at the mere suggestion of deviating from the ingredients and instructions found in a recipe. Remember, this blog used to be called ‘The Copycat Cook’. While the idea of buying into a CSA (community supported agriculture) has long appealed to me, […]

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Packing Food for a Gluten-Free Emergency Kit

We’re having a lovely winter here in Vancouver, but the East coast of Canada and the US has been slammed with freezing temperatures, heavy snow and ice storms. During the Christmas holidays, my parents in Toronto lost power for five days. My step-dad is a master of self-preparedness. He’s the kind of dude who always […]

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Five Food Additives to Avoid

In my ideal world, we would all eat food made lovingly from scratch. We’d spend less time hunched over desks and more minutes breathing fresh air and moving our bodies in ways that make sense to us. We’d delight in the juicy sweetness of a freshly picked peach, inhale the aroma of banana bread baking […]

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More Free Cooking Classes, and Other Happenings

I’ve got a newsy post for you today. Lots of exciting stuff happening, but if you’d prefer to look at delicious chocolate goodies, I’ll totally understand. If you live in the Vancouver area, join me for three free, allergen-friendly workshops. They’re all happening at a pretty groovy locale called Galloways, an independent grocery store that […]

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How Do You Want to Feel in 2014?

Happy New Year! I’ve always been dismissive of New Year’s resolutions and grand proclamations that gather dust as the year progresses. However, I’m a to-do list enthusiast. Well, more like a crazed, to-do list fanatic. I realize that New Year’s resolutions are not the same as to-do lists, but for me they’ve become stressful words […]

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December Reflections and a Healing Update

My last healing update was a massive one, and I was utterly blown away by your support and kindness when I revealed a very personal part of my journey. If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I’m grateful to report that I’ve gained 15 pounds since the summertime, my hormones are beginning to level […]

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How to Salvage Gluten-Free Recipe Disasters

Last weekend, as I prepared to deliver a workshop about gluten-free holiday cooking, I experienced a rather unfortunate snafu. My red lentil crepes, which I was pre-cooking for 40 people, simply were not working. No matter how I tried to troubleshoot the recipe by changing up the amount of liquid, the pans, the temperature, the […]

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