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Spicy Baked Sunbutter Tofu with Broccoli

Some of you might not consider 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to be spicy. For a wimp like me, this entrée was a little inferno. Laugh all you want. Cayenne can be a controversial topic in the nutrition world. On the one hand, it’s a nightshade vegetable, which can instigate inflammation. But, on the other, […]

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Lentil Mushroom Walnut Bolognese

I thought this dish would look more reddish, rather than barfish, considering the amount of tomatoes in there. Looks aren’t everything, right? At least that’s what I tell my husband. This vegan bolognese is hearty, warming, and extremely filling. The walnuts give the sauce a nice crunch, but if you can’t have them, you can […]

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Five-Ingredient Black Bean Chili

Fresh food is abundant in the summer months. It’s great to take advantage of raw fruits and vegetables at this time of year, especially here in Vancouver, where the warm weather is short-lived. Still, sometimes I want a hot meal in the summertime without having to heat up my non-air conditioned kitchen. This chili recipe […]

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Quick Pesto Pasta Salad

Barbecue season is here. And if you’re not into eating the carcinogens produced by char-grilled meat, I have another option for you. This pesto pasta salad is super easy and a crowd-pleaser. I used a store-bought pesto, as pesto-making isn’t my strong suit, but you can certainly make your own. This makes a lot of […]

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Greek-Inspired Collard Wraps

I generally reach for spinach and kale to satisfy my dark leafy green quota. Yet every year, as the stalls at the farmers market swell with vibrant green bunches of various shades, textures and sizes, I’m reminded that there is much more to greens than spinach. Who needs bread when you’ve got collards? They are […]

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Lentil Loaf Stuffed with Garlicky Cauliflower Mashed ‘Potatoes’

Some days are perfect for green smoothies and kale salads. Others are meant for heartier fare, like this loaf. It’s like eating meat and potatoes, without the actual meat or potatoes. It’s even perfect for the lazy folk, who don’t even need to expend the effort to scoop more than one forkful – all of […]

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The Ultimate Pot Pie Filling

Why am I posting a recipe for a filling, instead of one for an entire veggie pot pie? Because it’s amazing. The best ever. It elicits the comforting sensations induced by roaring fires, molten chocolate lava cakes and puppies. You’ll want to eat this on its own. I sure have. (Also – I’m not good […]

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Chipotle Chocolate Chili

Dark chocolate and chili is an extremely popular combination used for both sweet and savory dishes, especially in Mexican food. While I’ve sampled the pairing a number of times, it’s not something I’ve ever felt compelled to use in my own cooking. Maybe I was waiting for the right kind of chocolate? I used to […]

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Sweet Potato Falafel

Are you sick of sweet potato recipes yet? I’m not. There really are endless ways to use those babies. Apparently February is sweet potato month, and I had no clue. Good thing I’ve already been celebrating them all month long, like with this crust and yummy pie. This play on falafel is smoky and sweet, […]

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Spicy Carrot Quesadillas

I’m not sure I can call this a quesadilla, since it has no cheese. Not even vegan cheese. But ‘spicy carrot tortillas’ just doesn’t have the same ring, you know? This is a dead-simple recipe that has a mix of textures and flavours. You’ve got a delicious blend of heat and sweetness, along with a […]

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