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A Simple Green Smoothie

I hate to sound like a broken record, but salads are not my favourite thing. If you twist my arm I’ll admit they’re growing on me, though they still remain a few rungs above extreme distaste in my hierarchy. So when I discovered last year that green smoothies were to become my staple breakfast during […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale Salad

Raw kale isn’t for everyone. It’s a heartier, bitter green that most people prefer sautéed or tossed into stews. I thought I didn’t like raw kale, but I was wrong. Turns out you just need to have it prepared in the right way. The trick is massaging the kale with lemon juice, which causes it […]

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Parsley and Avocado Dressing

Salad dressings are a challenge for me and 99% of the time, I run straight for the incredibly delicious miso-tahini dressing. But the bright green hue of this parsley dressing was so vibrant and mesmerizing I felt compelled to at least try it. Parsley isn’t something I use often, and I’ll bet most of us […]

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Juice Pulp Pate

Looking for a quick and delicious way to use leftover pulp after juicing? Head over to my guest post on the Making Love in the Kitchen blog for a yummy recipe!

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Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Each morning, I faithfully drink a green smoothie. It’s not a chore to me like it was when I began the raw food challenge. I truly enjoy greens in my smoothies – it’s reassuring for me to start off my day with a nutrient-packed punch. Still, every so often I treat myself to something different […]

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Detox Salad

It’s January again, the time when we emerge from our holiday food comas and pledge to eat healthier, hit the gym or change our self-destructive patterns. Back in the day, the period between Christmas and New Year’s was my favourite time of the year. That’s when all the holiday candy would go on sale, and […]

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Raw Onion Flat Bread

Onions are a popular vegetable that add tons of flavour and texture to our cooking. Many of us don’t think of them as a ‘health food’, but onions have a surprising array of beneficial nutrients. For example: Onions are a good source of the blood sugar-regulating mineral chromium, which is rarely found in foods. They’ve […]

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(Mostly) Raw Cookie Dough Bites

These aren’t entirely raw because I have no idea where to find raw oats and I prefer the taste of maple syrup to agave nectar. However, I didn’t bake these in the oven – so they are raw enough to suit my standards! I’m sure you’re wondering if these truly taste like cookie dough? Yes, […]

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Maple Cinnamon Buckwheat Granola

Despite its name, buckwheat does not contain wheat – it’s actually a fruit seed related to the rhubarb family. Buckwheat is high in fibre and it’s great for your digestive tract, cardiovascular system and blood sugar levels. Though I’ve used buckwheat flour in the past, this was the first time I’ve tried it in its […]

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Homemade Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate is something I’ve wanted to tackle for awhile now. But it seemed too intimidating, difficult, elusive. And – more importantly – expensive. There’s nothing worse than throwing out a costly, failed experiment that tastes horrendous. I recently got a part-time job at a local health food store in my neighbourhood called Health on […]

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