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Mini Quiche with a Sweet Potato Hash Brown Crust

Don’t you hate it when sick people refuse to stay at home? I do. Like when you’re on public transit and a rider is sucking back mucus, or you’re at work and hear a colleague hacking up a lung. (Um, perhaps I shouldn’t be using these lovely images in a food blog…). That’s why I’m […]

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Quinoa Maki

When you have dietary restrictions you’ve always got to plan meals and snacks ahead of time for work, travelling or parties. Otherwise, you’ll starve. Ok, you probably won’t starve, but it’s difficult to find convenience foods that are healthy, dairy-free and gluten-friendly. On occasion, I misjudge how much food I’ll need during the day and […]

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Multiseed Crackers

Before I went gluten-free, I made my own crackers all the time. However, doughs without gluten are quite sticky and difficult to roll out, so I grew frustrated and abandoned homemade crackers for store-bought rice crackers. Fortunately, there’s no rolling required in this recipe – you just mix everything together and spread it onto a […]

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Garden Vegetable Casserole

When people who are new to meatless cooking ask for recipe suggestions, I often point them towards La Dolce Vegan. It’s full of simple, healthy, one-pot vegan dishes, many of which are pure comfort food. The recipes are a painless way to ease into a meat-free existence. When I met the husband, he hadn’t been […]

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Baked Banana Breakfast Pudding

Breakfast can be boring and predictable, so it’s nice to find alternative recipes for the first meal of the day. These breakfast puddings are quick and easy to throw together, plus they are good for you! I was expecting them to have the consistency of a moist muffin, when in fact they had a lovely, […]

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High Protein Sweet Potato Dip

I grew up eating white potatoes. I didn’t try another variety until I moved to Vancouver and was introduced to sweet potatoes. They were in the form of yam tempura rolls, which aren’t the healthiest way to eat sweet potatoes but it wasn’t difficult for me to make the leap from having them in sushi […]

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Nutty Fruit Bars

I once was obsessed with eating low-fat, low-calorie foods. I meticulously checked labels and if something had more than a couple of grams of fat and a few hundred calories per serving, I avoided it. (Or, I ate it anyway and then felt hideously guilty.) Of course, the problem with many low-fat processed foods is […]

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Pumpkin Muffins

If you’re looking for ways to use leftover pumpkin puree, there’s certainly no shortage of recipes that can help you. My favourite way to use it, hands down, is in baked goods. I loved these pumpkin muffins and will be making them year-round. They were supremely moist and had a subtly sweet, almost caramel-like taste […]

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Gluten-Free Dumplings

Like most good Jewish children, I loved my chicken soup with matzo balls. I could eat several bowls at a time and often preferred it to the courses that came afterward. Of course, I haven’t eaten chicken soup in a long time and now I can’t have the gluten in matzo meal, either. Which is […]

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Chewy Chocolate Vegan Date Brownies

During the last year and a half I have phased out gluten from my pantry, so when I’m invited to a party there’s always some internal angst about what to bring. Can I make something people will enjoy, or will my treats languish untouched? Or should I just forget it and pick up a bag […]

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