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Homemade Tomato Salsa

Now that my appetite is improving, I’ve whipped up a collection of delicious dishes in my kitchen. All of them tasty. Many of them not so tasty-looking in photos. You know what always looks pretty? Homemade salsa, which is a breeze to make and is easily customizable. Longtime readers will probably remember that I’m a […]

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Gingered Carrot and Yam Dip

Do you think we can learn to love the foods we hate? A couple of weeks ago, I shared my new appreciation for olives, and now I can add ginger to the list of foods that are growing on me. Peppery, spicy ginger is one of those flavours I’ve never really enjoyed. Well, except for […]

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Toasted Coconut Almond Butter

It’s the love child of coconut butter and almond butter. But this isn’t a clandestine, illegitimate situation where you shun the kid from the family and deny him his right to the throne. Nope. This is the kinda offspring you proudly ascend on a golden pedestal, and then eat by the spoonful. Wait. Did I […]

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Roasted Garlic and Herb Vegan Cream Cheese

I’m resisting the urge to solely use capital letters here. When I read text in all caps I feel like people are yelling at me. This is the tastiest, most delightful vegan cream cheese ever (are italics okay?). Scrumptious. Toothsome. Heavenly. Yummy. Pick your favourite adjective to describe something flavourful, and slap it onto this […]

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Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter

You guys, there is something I am so obsessed with I decided to devote an entire week of recipes to it on this website. The magical ingredient? Roasted sunflower seed butter, or sunbutter. Sunbutter isn’t a new or fancy trend. In fact, I’m a little late to the sunbutter game, but now I’m its biggest […]

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Creamy Carrot Dip

Creamy Carrot Dip

It tastes like hummus. It has the consistency of hummus. It even kind a looks like hummus, save for the orange hue. But it’s completely bean-less. This recipe is for those of you who love the flavour of hummus, but don’t dig the toots that often accompany eating beans (though to make ’em more digestible, […]

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Chocolate Swirled Almond Butter

Do you see it? I see full, pouty lips at the bottom of this jar of chocolate swirled almond butter. And a shock of hair sweeping across the imaginary, eye-less face. But maybe it’s just me. What does it mean when you glimpse faces in your almond butter? In case you’re wondering, this almond butter […]

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Chunky Herbed Navy Bean Dip

I have a garden on my balcony. I’m shocked it’s alive. I have a long history of forcing houseplants into an early grave. It’s disturbing, really. And yet these plants – including Swiss chard, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, hot peppers, potatoes and herbs – are thriving. Take a look: We’ve got sage in our humble […]

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Maple Cinnamon Walnut Butter

I’m gonna get real with you. If I could eat anything without consequences, I wouldn’t choose dairy-based ice cream. Or candy. Or pizza. Or cupcakes. It would be peanut butter, straight from the jar with a spoon. Unfortunately, most peanuts contain aflatoxins, a carcinogenic mold that puts pressure on the liver and causes gut imbalances […]

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Curried Veggie Paté

This paté is a delightful combination of sweet and spicy. At first bite you might think, ‘Oh, this is too sweet’, but then you’ll be hit by the savory notes of the curry powder and go, ‘Nah’. Gourmet culinary folks probably think I shouldn’t be calling this paté, since paté is technically a spreadable mixture […]

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