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Chocolate Sorbet

There are some recipes you come across and bookmark or file away, thinking you’d like to try them someday. And then there are the recipes that you Have. To. Make. Right. Now. Can you guess which kind this one is? After reading this gluten-free recipe, I immediately went into the kitchen and popped the bowl […]

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Gluten-free Honey Walnut Bread

If there’s a respectable gluten-free bread available in stores, I’d love to hear about it. What’s commercially available is dry, tough and bland, which has led me to pursue the perfect gluten-free bread recipe. Even my least favourite of the gluten-free breads I’ve made has tasted far better than what I’ve purchased in stores. The […]

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Apple Cinnamon Granola

You’ll never buy granola again after you make this recipe, I promise. I never realized how easy it was to make granola and seriously, all it takes is five minutes to throw the ingredients together and about 25 minutes of baking. Even the most inept cook can do it. A blend of crunch and sweetness, […]

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Mint Chocolate Cookies

Raw cookie doughs made with gluten-free flours usually taste bitter – you wouldn’t want to lick the mixing spoon or bowl clean, even if the finished product tastes sweet and delicious. I knew these cookies would turn out yummy as soon as I sampled the raw, chocolately dough and it was utterly amazing. I haven’t […]

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Microwave Potato Chips

I’ve owned a mandolin for well over a year and never used it till I was inspired by this potato chip recipe. Well, that’s not exactly true. I bought the contraption with the best of intentions, envisioning a yield of swirly vegetable ribbons and picture perfect matchsticks. But when I took the mandolin out of […]

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Cranberry-Apricot Muffins

The other day I noticed there were four half-empty jars of jam sitting in my fridge, which is a mystery to me since I don’t like jam. But I’m loathe to waste food, so I needed to figure out what to do with them. Enter the gluten-free goddess. If you’ve never heard of Karina’s Kitchen […]

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Roasted Chickpeas

Shortly after I moved to Vancouver, I thought I could save a few bucks by buying dried beans instead of canned ones and cooking them myself. It seemed simple enough: throw the beans in water and turn on the heat. I had no clue that you need to soak the beans first, though. I spent […]

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Gluten-free Red Velvet Pancakes

I’ve never baked red velvet cake or cupcakes before, but I felt compelled to make these pancakes as soon as I saw them over at The Kitchy Kitchen. They were just so pretty! Have you ever made a recipe that only worked out great in your head? You imagine everyone taking their first bite and […]

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Gluten-free Apple Walnut Squares

When I renounced gluten I also abandoned rolled oats, but only by default. While oats themselves don’t contain gluten, they are often contaminated because they’re manufactured in facilities that also process things with gluten. I’ve found it incredibly difficult to find gluten-free rolled oats here in Vancouver, especially since I don’t own a car and […]

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Chipotle Honey Roasted Almonds

I’m going to be bold and say that these are the best spiced nuts I have ever tasted. And I’m never making them again. I originally made these for a holiday party. They were so well received I prepared a batch to give as holiday gifts before finally making them for myself. Then I polished […]

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