“I had the honour of having Sondi working in my kitchen in the winter of 2012 and she was outstanding in all respects. Sondi went above and beyond in her role helping me with edits for my book, developing online course content, writing blogs and showing off her recipe development (delicious!) and writing skills.

Sondi has the highly valuable skills as both a writer and a nutritionist, enabling her to clearly explain complicated subjects, add in some fresh humour and be incredibly diligent and thoughtful with everything she delivers.

I was also incredibly impressed by how professionally and confidently she was able to answer the questions of guests during live coaching calls and during cooking classes.

I continue to work with Sondi on a project basis and know that the product will always surpass my expectations.”

Meghan Telpner, Owner of Meghan Telpner Inc and author of bestselling book ‘UnDiet’. www.meghantelpner.com

I was in your Gluten Free Baking Seminar at Galloways and wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking time to do this seminar.

I have always struggled with digestive troubles and about 4 months ago started seeing a Naturopath after many challenges with my GP. I began eating Gluten and Cow Dairy free and what a difference I feel.

However, being a lover of cooking, I lost my passion and love for experimentation and making dinner for my husband and I. I really started to feel that I had lost this huge part of myself.

I must say the beginning of your seminar actually brought me to tears as the last 4-month struggle had really felt mournful. Since the seminar I am beginning to see a light – that this is just a new opportunity for me to experience cooking and food in a different way.

Thank you again for lighting a spark for me – I hope our paths cross again soon.

Stephanie K., Vancouver, BC

I consider Sondi to the source of information I trust most when I look for information on nutrition, food data and allergens, as well as positive approaches to restoring my health balance. During the entire time I’ve known Sondi, she has also been an incredible source of cooking advice. I emphatically recommend Sondi for anyone who is looking to improve their current understanding of health and nutritional wellness, and so much more!

Adrian A., Victoria, BC