Stress Free Eating

Stress Free Eating Workshop

Got stress? You’re not alone – nearly one in four Canadians reported feeling ‘extremely stressed’ in 2011. Whether you’re worried about your diet, family, relationships, work or finances, stress isn’t all in your head. It migrates to your body, too. Learn how to manage the pressure through nutrition and lifestyle in this (hopefully) stress-free workshop!

Workshop includes:

  • Stress and your body – how daily stress impacts your health.
  • Stress-busting foods and how to manage stress using nutrition.
  • Strategies to help you eat mindfully in order to nourish your body.
  • Lifestyle tips to decrease stress.
  • How to ditch the guilt about eating, and rediscover the enjoyment of it.
  • A copy of my e-book ‘Stress-Free Eating’.
  • A cooking demo of an easy, stress-supportive recipe.
  • An opportunity to ask questions about health concerns, cooking, recipes or food preparation.

Please contact me for more details.