Media/PR Page

I’m happy to hear from like-minded people and businesses who want to share their products or services with me and my readers. Before you pitch me, here’s the dirt:

I eat real, unprocessed food. I believe that fresh, whole foods contain tremendous power and are the key to feeling healthy, energetic and joyful.

I don’t like chemicals, preservatives, heavily processed food, or consuming ingredients I can’t pronounce.

I’m convinced that eating healthy does not have to be complicated, difficult or time consuming.

I believe the foods and products that best support our health do not need splashy packaging with marketing claims slapped on them.

I don’t eat gluten, dairy, refined sugar, processed oils, or red meat. I rarely drink alcohol.

I will only mention and link to a product, event or service that I genuinely like. I blog because I love food and sharing recipes, not because I want free stuff.

I appreciate you taking an interest in my website! I welcome you to peruse the content here, and if you think what you offer is a fit, then get in touch by email.

Key Website Stats: 2016

Total Page Views: 200,252
Users: 123,998
Sessions: 148,142
Average Monthly Page Views: 16,687
Average daily page views: 548
Total blog subscribers: 1,500 +

Social Media

Facebook Likes: 925
Twitter Followers: 1,321
Instagram Followers: 696
Pinterest: 514

Email Subscribers: 595

About my readership: Primarily female, more than half are married with no children, they love recipes, health is extremely important to them, are interested in gluten-free, dairy-free and allergen-friendly food


I have a select number of advertising spaces available for businesses and professionals. Want to know more about my readers? Contact me.


Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Nobody.

And I love giving stuff away for free! It makes me do a happy dance.

If you think your product or service is a fit for my audience, let’s talk. Giveaways will be promoted on my website, as well as through Twitter and Facebook.


Would you like to sponsor one of my workshops?  You can provide a product that I can give to participants or highlight during my workshop, plus I’ll include links to your site from the workshop page.  Get in touch for more information.

Recipe Development

I adore experimenting in the kitchen, and am constantly on the hunt for inventive ways to make allergen-friendly eating uber-delicious for my readers. Get in touch if you’d like me to develop a healthy recipe using your product.