Products I Recommend

Most of the time, I prefer to cook at home. That way, my food stays simple. Clean. Unprocessed. Allergen-friendly. Tasty.

Sometimes, though, eating at home isn’t an option. Or I just feel like letting someone else do the work!

That’s why I’m grateful that there are products and brands that I can trust – those that maintain high standards, uphold values that are in line with my philosophy, and truly care about the well being of their customers.

Here are a few of my favourite people. (Note: I am not being paid or sponsored by these brands to promote them. This is the stuff I genuinely enjoy)

Bob’s Red Mill

Bubbies Pickles

Cocoa Camino

Galloway’s Foods

Green Cuisine

Hippie Foods

Manitoba Harvest

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mum’s Original

Navitas Naturals

Nature’s Path Organic Foods

Prana Bio

Rancho Vignola

Real Raw Food

Sweets from the Earth

Silver Hills

West Point Naturals

Wise Bites

Vancouver Farmer’s Markets