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Healing Update - Crohn's Disease

A 2016 Healing Update: The Crohn’s Disease Healing Continues

It’s been a good long while since I’ve posted an update on my path to heal Crohn’s disease. Last summer, a reader commented on a post to ask how I’ve been and if taking low-dose naltrexone (LDN) had worked. I gave a short answer – no – and promised a lengthier update tout de suite. And […]

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Mixed Tempeh Scramble

How to Eat Healthfully When You Can’t Cook

The life of a klutz is a tough burden to bear. Sure, pratfalls and belly flops are funny to watch on TV or in the movies – but in reality? Constant injuries are justifiably un-fun. I move through the world like a baby giraffe learning to walk: gangly, awkward, legs wobbly and akimbo. Yet unlike […]

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A Healing Update, and a New Blog Challenge

Over the last year, I’ve chronicled my struggles with the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and my journey to heal myself without medication. (For those who are new to the blog, welcome! You can catch up on all the details over here, if you’d like.) This spring, after I returned from my rocking internship in Meghan […]

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How to be grateful for disease and illness

You probably think I’m nuts. Sickness can be painful, ugly, stressful, agonizing, tragic, wretched, humiliating, sad. So what’s to be grateful for? Head on over to my guest post on the Love in the Kitchen blog to find out. It’s a post that was important – and therapeutic – for me to write. I hope […]

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Spicy Cinnamon Superfood Hot Chocolate

Everyone wants to peek inside a nutritionist’s kitchen, right? Don’t deny it. We have an innate curiosity about how the healthy folks live and want to know their secrets so we can copy them. I spent the last three months working for a gal who cured herself of Crohn’s disease, and I was as eager […]

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The 28-Day Raw Food Healing Challenge

Today begins a new series of posts on The Copycat Cook about raw food and healing. For the next month, I’ll be exploring raw food recipes and sharing them with you. Why raw? Why now? Read on to find out! How I got here More than 12 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease […]

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