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Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale Salad

Raw kale isn’t for everyone. It’s a heartier, bitter green that most people prefer sautéed or tossed into stews. I thought I didn’t like raw kale, but I was wrong. Turns out you just need to have it prepared in the right way. The trick is massaging the kale with lemon juice, which causes it […]

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Raw Onion Flat Bread

Onions are a popular vegetable that add tons of flavour and texture to our cooking. Many of us don’t think of them as a ‘health food’, but onions have a surprising array of beneficial nutrients. For example: Onions are a good source of the blood sugar-regulating mineral chromium, which is rarely found in foods. They’ve […]

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(Mostly) Raw Cookie Dough Bites

These aren’t entirely raw because I have no idea where to find raw oats and I prefer the taste of maple syrup to agave nectar. However, I didn’t bake these in the oven – so they are raw enough to suit my standards! I’m sure you’re wondering if these truly taste like cookie dough? Yes, […]

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Homemade Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate is something I’ve wanted to tackle for awhile now. But it seemed too intimidating, difficult, elusive. And – more importantly – expensive. There’s nothing worse than throwing out a costly, failed experiment that tastes horrendous. I recently got a part-time job at a local health food store in my neighbourhood called Health on […]

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‘Sour Cream’ and Onion Kale Chips

Can something taste exactly like sour cream when it isn’t? Apparently, it can. I was skeptical that these chips would have a traditional sour cream and onion flavour, but they completely did. They’ll bring you back to the days of junior high and summer camp (or whenever you used to eat sour cream and onion […]

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Caramel Fudge Brownies

You know a recipe is special when you make it two days in a row. And no, I did not scarf these all by myself. I brought them to a potluck with my classmates and everyone raved about them so much, I decided to make them again the next day for another barbecue. I’ve had […]

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Cumin-spiced Raw Crackers

Raw food recipes are fluid, free-form and forgiving. Most of the time, anything goes. But I’m specific and detailed. I’ve mentioned before how I like to follow a recipe to the letter and am terrible at troubleshooting in the kitchen. When a raw foodie says, “Oh, I just threw whatever was in my fridge into […]

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Vegan Caesar Dressing

Okay, I know it’s hard to actually see the dressing in this picture. But it’s there and it’s delicious. In all honesty, I haven’t eaten a real Caesar salad in a long time so I don’t fully remember what it tastes like. And that makes it harder to judge how close this vegan version comes […]

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Beef-less Jerky

There was never beef jerky in my house when I was growing up. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted beef jerky. So why was I so curious to try this recipe? It’s amazing how a food dehydrator can kindle the experimental spirit. My version looks nothing like the original. In fact, it’s definitely […]

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Five ways to save time in a raw food kitchen

I spent months deliberating when would be the ‘right time’ to begin eliminating my medication. I was fearful that a major health change might negatively impact my studies, and wondered if the risk of relapse was too high. Was it better to wait until I finished school? In the end, I decided that waiting another […]

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