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Vegan Broccoli Stalk Soup

Vegan Broccoli Stalk Soup

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel strongly about preventing food waste. If you want to get on my bad side, wasting food will do the trick (though I really wish you wouldn’t). Here’s another way you can avoid it: make this broccoli stalk soup. Broccoli is a popular vegetable, and it wasn’t until a few years […]

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Broccoli and Lemongrass Soup

Non-Dairy Ways to Make Soup Creamy

I am down with slurping soup all year long. It’s not uncommon for me to curl up with a bowl of split pea soup, baby bok choy stoup or congee on a hot July evening. Kooky, I know. I appreciate that for most of you, soup season doesn’t kick off until the weather cools and […]

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Baby Bok Choy Stoup with Coconut and Miso

‘Stoup’ is a delightful word, isn’t it? A hybrid of stew and soup, stoup is full of rustic whimsy and I can’t believe I’ve never used this descriptor before, because it represents 70% of the food I eat. There’s nothing more comforting, or easier to cook, than stoup. Doesn’t matter if it’s July or January, […]

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Broccoli and Lemongrass Soup

Healing Crohn’s Disease Ain’t Easy, plus a recipe for Broccoli Lemongrass Soup

It’s time for another update on my journey to heal myself naturally from Crohn’s disease. For a quick catch up, check out this post and this post. I debated sharing this post with you today because I felt embarrassed and ashamed. But as Brené Brown points out in The Gifts of Imperfection, shame thrives in […]

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West African Peanut-Free Soup

It’s been a looong time since I posted a soup recipe. And it’s bizarre. ‘Cause I eat soup almost every day. Generally, I cobble together a mishmash of whatever is in my fridge along with the spices that strike my fancy. The results are always delicious, but aren’t noteworthy enough to warrant a blog post. […]

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A Very Green Soup

In case the title didn’t make it obvious, this soup is very green. And I’m afraid I don’t have a witty anecdote or sage advice to go along with it. I was simply cleaning out the fridge to make room for my latest goodies from the farmers market, so I tossed the random vegetable stragglers […]

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Split Pea Soup

Want to know why I’ve been posting so many soup recipes lately? It’s still cold here, and rainy, and that means I want the warm comfort that a hot bowl of soup brings. I typically eat a bowl of soup (or two) as a full meal, but I get that not everyone feels soup constitutes […]

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Cream of Spinach Soup

I probably should have called this ‘fridge and freezer scraps’ soup, as this recipe came about after I rummaged through the fridge, selected what was old or about to go off and turned it into a meal. This soup was so simple, and yet I can’t tell you how delicious it was. The texture was […]

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Leek, Potato and Parsnip Soup

Even though I make soup all year round, there is something about fall and winter that compels me to consume it in earnest. Thick, creamy soups are my favourite at this time of year and when I saw a pile of leeks at the farmers market, I immediately craved leek and potato soup. Potatoes get […]

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